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Animations soon!

2008-10-27 15:40:00 by JesseT

EDIT* Getting Flash for my mac for Christmas, sorry but I cant submit for christmas but I will try my best to submit after that!

Soon I will be getting Boot Camp for my new IMAC so I can now run windows, which will alow me to use my old Flash 8 program or I can purchase a addition to it to get Adobe Flash Cs3. In a month or so if I learn alot better I will submit to the portal soon, but i still need help learning and etc. I plan to also do collab's in the future and work with some of my friends and favorite animators! I have already done some work and uploaded it to Youtube(as shown below).

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So once I get Flash ill get right too it. Also if anyone could give me tips or help me learn how to animate just PM me. I'am not sure if I will get a flash in by Halloween but I will be practicing soon.




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2008-10-30 21:31:13

Can't wait till you get a flash out. :D

JesseT responds:

Thank you I will get flash soon on my good computer but I'am waiting to submit!


2008-11-06 08:16:35

I really like your cat animation. The syncronization of his body movements were great. The lip syncing was phenomenal!

JesseT responds:

Thanks, coming from one of my favorite authors!


2008-12-07 09:59:05



2008-12-11 17:51:26

are you in toronto too? :D

JesseT responds:

Nope, but close I'm in Ontario still but live in Thunder Bay!


2008-12-16 19:27:02

hey my voice acting is in your favorite flashs!!! WOOT.

JesseT responds:

LOL:P Your a really good voice actor and I like your Audio submission's...


2009-01-21 01:01:17


JesseT responds:



2009-01-25 06:41:54

awesome i have been looking for charlie brownstain a year :D

JesseT responds:



2009-02-16 18:45:47

You workin on anythjing, man? Cant wait to see some more stuff!

JesseT responds:

I actually am working on maybe something for the SFC 4, The 100 Frame Skate Collab and a little zelda animation, they will be coming out soon...


2009-03-04 20:33:24

Sweet! Cant wait man!

JesseT responds: