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Hey Halloween!

2008-10-15 19:35:50 by JesseT

Hello Newgrounds as you may know, I have still not submitted anything to the portal! One reason is I just got a new computer and another reason is I still need to improve on my work. I am not sure if I will post a Halloween animation because I purchased a IMAC and do not have Flash. On my old computer I had Macromedia Flash 8, but on macs I have not found away to get it on because it is not compatible unless you have windows for Mac (which I can afford). Although I could upgrade my Flash 8 for 200$ because it works with macs but i don't have the money right now. Anyways I have been getting some help from other Flash Animators such as TommyVF,MarcyVF,Oldlyshapedchris and SimonG. Thanks for helping me out guys it will help me lot's. Also I have purchased a Wacom Tablet Bamboo Fun. It helps a lot when drawing and animating. Also GO MACS!


Hey Halloween!


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2008-10-30 21:32:14

Nice. :)

I have a tablet and a mac also!

If you need help on flash, just drop me a PM. :)

JesseT responds:

Nice Macs are sweet, and yes if I need help ever I will ask you.